Friday, December 31, 2010

Snacember 31

Happy Almost New Year!

Thanks for sticking with me for the whole month...I can't believe we made it. 

And frankly, I'm not sure that I ever want to do 31 posts in a row ever again.

But here we are, so I thought for the last post I would talk about resolutions.

I hate the way we traditionally think of resolutions.  They are always about somehow finding fault with ourselves and our lives, and trying to promise to fix everything.  We resolve to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthy....very easy after a month of holiday binges.  But by February we are face down in a vat of mashed potatoes, full of self-loathing and feeling a failure.  We resolve to communicate better, to love more or better, to not make mistakes.  Well, piffle, I say.

I committed a few years ago to two things....

One, I only make resolutions for the things I feel sure to be successful.  I resolve to laugh as much as possible, and to be a source of mirth for those around me.  I resolve to tell the people I love them that I love them as often as possible.  I resolve to nap and take long hot baths whenever reasonable.  Full stop.  Because if I achieve those, everything else is either gravy, or at least manageable. This year I resolve to marry my Charming Suitor and take the next step in our happily ever after!

Two, I make resolutions for the people I care about.  I resolve that they should find love, fulfilling work, joy.  I resolve that they should remain healthy, or overcome health issues.  I resolve that they should pursue their dreams, and be open to the universe when it sends them new dreams to dream.  I know it sounds more like wishes or prayers, but I prefer to think of them as resolutions.  Because dreams and prayers are ephemeral things beyond our control.  And while I know I can't control the fates of the people I care about, I feel strongly that if I think of these as resolutions, I will consciously remember to support them over this next year as these things hopefully come to pass.

For you, my dear Chickens, I resolve both to continue to provide the contents of my head, for whatever they are worth, and I also resolve that you shall keep reading them.  Agreed?

I wish you all a year filled with all of the things you need, most of the things that you want, and hopefully some stuff you didn't even know you should be wanting.

I also resolve that you shall forgive me for I am now about to take a few days off from the blog so that I can return re-energized.  31 in a row is a lot.  Imagine trying to eat all of Baskin Robbin's flavors in a row.  Hopefully the month was more Fudge Twirl than Daquiri Ice.

Yours in Good Taste,
The Polymath


  1. Congratulations on making it! A whole month of posts is a daunting prospect... but one that I plan to venture forth into this January. Wish me luck! I have really enjoyed keeping up with you this month, and it will be somewhat disappointing not to have that daily dose of Stacey wit, but for the sake of your sanity I'll survive!

    I love your resolutions, for yourself, your loved ones and for us. Thank you for including us!

    All the best to you in the new year! Thanks for the joy you have brought to my life through your blog and your book this past year.


  2. I love your idea of resolutions. I make the same resolution every year: Do everything in my power to make this year, better than the last. I think that if you live life that way, you can't help but be happy!