Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snacember 29

I'm a game girl.

I like board games and card games and puzzles.  Charming Suitor and I love to snuggle up with a crossword, and Little Sister and I kick butt whenever we team up against anyone in almost any game.  I like the classics, and the obscure.  And I think games night, or games day is a fun way to hang with your family or best pals.

Here are some of my alltime faves:


An old school game I learned at my grandmother's elbow, simple on the surface and easy to learn, but with deep strategy once you know what you are doing.

Milles Bornes

A French card game about driving.  It sounds weird, but is enormous fun.  Chef Denise and I got up to all sorts of sinister things last time we were in France, and there is a rematch always brewing.

Foodie Fight  

The perfect game if you and your gang are gourmands with good memories.


Fun for a group that is clever with words.

Catch Phrase 

Hysterical laughter is bound to ensue.  Good for large groups.


Let's just say that the first time Charming Suitor and I were alone with Little Sister and her own Charming Suitor, we triumphed.  LS is still pouting.  But it was excellent when Mom and Dad arrived to see two happy couples wiping tears of mirth at their own antics.

What are your favorites for game night?

Yours in Good Taste,
The Polymath


  1. I also love games, it is our Christmas Eve tradition, to all play games together. This year we loved the game Wits and Wagers, it was great for a larger group of people. Last years big hit was The Settlers of Catan... I'm an addict! The year before that was Quelf. (this game works especially well with light hearted, fun loving people and alcohol!!)
    Happy Gaming!

  2. I am a game girl, and will play anything with anyone. However, I am trapped in a game-less life. I grew up an only child, and when alone, I would end up playing games like Monopoly solo. Sad, huh? When my husband was a little boy, his older brother was so competitive and crazy playing games that now neither my husband nor his older sister will touch a game. Fortunately we do have new neighbors (although they only live here in the summer) that like games, so I can visit them and get a bit of a game fix.

  3. LOVE Rummikub. Unfortunately, we tried to teach it to my husband this year, which went well at first, but led to an epic argument over the proper way to play a joker out of your hand. :-(

  4. One of my all time favorites is Apples to Apples!

  5. This year's favorite: Buzz Word. And my friends all love Monopoly Deal, though I'm nowhere close to a master of the strategy involved in that one!

  6. The favorite amongst our group of friends is Apples to Apples. Throw in a few bottles of wine and some twisted sense of humor and the game leads to hilarity!

  7. My boyfriend and I love to have game nights with our good friends and we love Apples to Apples as well as Chicken Foot, which is a dominoes game. They got me a new game for Christmas called Scribblish and it was really fun. We love to laugh and have fun and I just bought Quelf for our next game night. I've never played it before but it sounds fun and we're all excited to play :)

  8. My friends and I love board games... we even have a tiny "chicken dinner" trophy that gets passed around. Apples to Apples is my favorite. And the stakes are high for that trophy... it gets a little tense and mean at times!

  9. We love game night at our house. We love all named, but a few of our new favorites are Bananagrams, Blokus, and Konexi (AWESOME)!!!

  10. Milles Bornes! I haven't played that in years! Thanks for mentioning it, I will have to dust off the game that has been lurking in my parent's attic for years.

  11. I second the Settlers of Catan recommendation above! Just recently I discovered Bananagrams and love it - it's like Scrabble on steroids.

  12. I love Milles Bornes too!! But our new favorites this holiday were Morphology and Loaded Questions.

  13. Oooh, Apples to Apples ALWAYS gets our crowd into a good mood! Fact or Crap is another one that we love; with heads full of useless trivia, we tend to kick some a** when that game makes the rounds.