Friday, December 17, 2010

Snacember 17

Favorite heart-warming kids tale ever....

The crazy Christmas house on my street...gets bigger every year!

A very good friend of the family, who is Jewish, was in the mall with her four-year-old.  He spotted Santa, and asked if he could go see him.  The line wasn't very long, so she said yes.  When her son got to the front of the line she saw him having a very serious conversation with Santa, who then motioned to his helper elf to hold the line.  Santa escorted her son back over to her.

"I'm a little curious about your son's request." Santa said.

"What did he ask for?"

"Well, I asked him what he wanted for his present, and he said he didn't need any presents, that his mommy and daddy and grandparents buy him lots of good presents.  So I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, and he said "We could really use some decorations!" "

She laughed and told Santa that they were Jewish, but the only ones on their block, so they are surrounded by twinkle lights and lawn displays!

It was almost three years ago, but that one cracks me up everytime.

My other favorite holiday kid moment was last Christmas eve, which I spent with my Amazing Goddaughter.  They are a "presents on the Eve" family, so I get the pleasure of watching her open her gifts.  Last year was particularly special because my Charming Suitor, then so new to my life, came as my date and, well, Charmed everyone, including AG, which made me all warm and fuzzy.  It was probably the moment I realized that not only did he and I seem to fit, but that he was going to be a good fit with the people I love.  We were watching AG open her huge pile of presents, half of which are from real people, and half of which are from "Santa".  She got to one of the "Santa" presents and tore into it.  It was a large stuffed lion.  (She was going through a major big cat phase.)

Her whole face lit up and she hugged it tight and said "Mommy!  Santa got my message!  I asked for a Tiger, but Santa knew I wanted a LION.  Santa is magic!".

CS, who had his arm around me, squeezed me tight as we were laughing and said "She's amazing." Which she is.  And so is he.  I can't wait for this Christmas Eve, to see what Santa brings her and how she reacts.  Even better, is that now she and CS really know each other.  She was talking to her mom last week, and was saying that one of the things she loves about her grandmother is that she is such a good cook.  "Like Chef Denise, and Stacey, and B."  Her mom looked at her and said, "Uncle B?" And she rolled her eyes, with the five-year-old version of "Oh Mom, you're so silly" and said "Um, NO, Stacey's BOYFRIEND."  Kid has exceptional taste.

The house all lit up.  I can't imagine what their electric bills are.

What about you?  What are your favorite holiday kid stories?  Best one gets aGlee Gummies Kit, so you and your kids can make your own Gummy Candy!  A perfect cold day activity.  Comment below with your kid story to enter before 11:59 PM CST Dec. 18, winner announced on the 19th.

Yours in Good Taste,
The Polymath


  1. I don't have one particular story that sticks out. I love the holiday season. Everything about it. I love decorating, and driving around looking at lights, baking, and most of all, the anticipation. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

  2. When my daughter was 2 (now 6) we took her to see Santa at the mall. She was very intimidated and wouldn't get near him. There was no one else in line so Santa took his time talking to her and she gradually made her way over until she was standing within arms reach. Without warning, Santa snatched her up to sit on his lap. She of course FREAKED out and there was no picture to be taken. The entire rest of that holiday season she would very solemnly tell anyone who would listen "I no like Santa anymore".

  3. My father traveled a lot when my sister and I were young. Before one trip close to Christmas, we rewrote the lyrics to Rudolph (including references to his company and co-workers, we even managed to reference Gleem toothpaste) and slipped the tape into the player before he left. He still talks about it 30 years later.


  4. In my teens, I did a lot of baby-sitting. Once while I was watching my favorite three kids, the oldest (who was maybe seven at the time) told me that he didn't think Santa was real. I knew that his parents wanted just a few more years of believing for the sake of his younger siblings, so I took action. I told this kid that it was a shame that he thought that, and even worse that he'd actually said Santa wasn't real because every time a kid said, "I don't believe in Santa," one of his presents was replaced with underwear. Then I asked him how many times he thought he'd said it and he seemed a little concerned when he told me that he'd said it five or six times. I couldn't tell if he bought my story or not, but he did stop saying Santa wasn't real. Before I left that night, I told his mother what I'd said so she could repeat it if she needed to.

    The day after Christmas, my phone rang at 7:00 in the morning. It was my favorite seven year old. He was SO excited to tell me that Santa was, in fact, real. He knew this for sure because he'd gotten six boxes of nothing but various types of underwear.

    Now, he's all grown up and in the Marines. We keep in touch through Facebook when we can. Not too long ago, he told me that he still gets a box of underwear from "Santa" every Christmas.

  5. my favorite is still the year my nephew made Santa laugh....when asked what he wanted for Christmas, Ben told Santa he was hoping for Scotch tape. Santa asked him why he wanted tape and Ben told him :so I can tape my army guys to rocks"...we still embarrass him with that story!

  6. my favourite holiday kid story is one of my own - when I was 3 I decided that I really did not like the idea of some old guy coming down our chimney in the middle of the night so I had my dad call the North Pole and ask Santa to please leave the presents at the neighbours' house - I wasn't stupid, I still wanted the presents just not some old guy coming into the house in the middle of the night! Christmas morning my dad woke me up, bundled me up in my boot and coat and we went to the nieghbours', who wonderfully played along, and picked up the presents from Santa.

    My dad tells that story every Christmas - 39 years later!

  7. I love the story about the five year old who asked Santa for decorations… I think that every single Jewish kid can relate. When I was little, all I ever wanted was a Christmas tree. I used to head over to all my friends house’s and decorate their trees with their parents, while they hung out in another room watching TV with their siblings. I was always amazed at how my friends wanted no part of their tree when I was dying to have one.

    When I was in my early twenties, I decided I was going to get a tree. I didn’t care. I still lived at home and we put the tree up in the den, at the back of the house. The first year my mom didn’t allow me to use lights. Year two, lights were fine, but the tree had to stay in the back. Year three, the tree and the lights were in the living room, at the front of the house. My mom was totally OK with the tree at this point until my friend’s mom dropped by unexpectedly one day to give us presents. She had the same car as my aunt, my mom’s sister, and my mom had a temporary breakdown when she thought her sister would discover she let me have a tree.