Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Polymath Puts Up A Fight, Part Eleven

You should not be shocked to discover that my little plan works. Within two days I am in fourth place, with 593 votes, only 75 votes behind the third place, and in tasting distance of that trip to NY! And then my aforementioned BFF Jen, who was very supportive when I didn’t win any of my contests and only snorted at me through her nose a couple of times muttering “shocking that people who actually cooked things might have won”, does a very Jen thing. She posts a really lovely blog about me and my contest and asks her fans to please vote for me.

In an hour I’m in first place.

In two hours I have twice as many votes as the person in second place.

In twenty-four hours I have over three times as many votes as the person in second place and have received an e-mail from the contact pages of my website which says, in brief “Stop cheating in the Mionetto Contest.”.

Who’s your polymath?

The voting is open for two and a half months. I bookmark the site, and obsessively check my stats a gabillion times every day, amazed every time that I am still winning the voting. When I get to around 3600 votes, the next guy has around 2500 votes, and the voting slows down to just a few votes a day. I keep telling people about it, and leave the link up on my Facebook page, and I continue to exploit opportunities to promote myself.

I might be too lazy to test recipes, but I am not too lazy to score a mention on a wine and spirits website ( ), a little piece in a NY mag ( ), or to use my food column at Oy!Chicago to get more votes (oy!).

NEXT: The Polymath is Not Alone

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