Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Polymath Gets Some News, Part Nine

I exhausted all my recipe contest possibilities and had no choice but to hunker down and finish the book, which I managed to do on time, even though it required an 8,000 word day during the last week. (For those of you who care, that is about 50 pages.) Then I sat back to wait for the results, the accolades and the money to pour in.

When the Tillamook people didn’t call, I was sad. After all, I thought for sure Stacey’s Smoky Mac and Cheese with bacon and smoked cheddar and smoked paprika panko topping would have clinched it.

Then when the pork people never contacted me, I was surprised, because that Tuscan style pork roast has always been a huge hit at dinner parties.

The Colman people went another direction, which was okay, I guess. Their loss, if you asked me, but still, that grill would have been too big for my porch anyway.

And then the 7up people actually chose a person of Latino descent as the winner of their clearly ‘targeted at the Latino market’ contest, and I swore that if only my last name or Kevin’s hadn’t so obviously been Anglo, we both would have been in there.

But when the butter contest ended with nary a butter bell headed my way, I’m not going to lie, it was a big bucket of suck, and a very hard day to be a cheerful polymath.

Months went by. I got copious notes on the book and got to work on the rewrites. My passion for entering contests waned, and I stopped checking online for new opportunities. I figured it was just a passing thing and that if all those contests didn’t know a good thing when they had it, why should I bother?

NEXT: The Polymath Gets Her Groove Back


  1. not a SINGLE butter bell. That is NOT possible.

    Who says there are no fruits of procrastination? From where I stand - you are reaping the rewards of an unusually successful procrastination.

    Well done!

  2. Your 7up recipes are to die for. Especially when you sub Margarita Mix for 7up, only cook the confetti rice recipe by memory and serve hot not cold, use steak instead of pork and only remember 1/2 the ingredients in your marinade, throw some smashed pintos smothered in cheese on the side, add a ton of garlic and cumin to everything -- do all this after consuming 4-8 vodka martinis (lost count), and they turn out JUST FABULOUS!!!!

    You're a genius in the kitchen and those people have no idea!