Friday, February 14, 2014

Winners Announced, and a New Epic Contest!


In honor of Valentine's Day, I want to thank you for sharing your tales of young love gone sideways, Pamela and I really appreciate it.  I also want to take a moment to give a brief shout-out to my Charming Suitor for essentially making every day Valentine's Day.  (I know, its mushy, but he totally does.)

Congrats to the following winners of a signed copy of Notes to Boys!  Please email your shipping address to staceyballisinfo (at) gmail dot com:

Bev V

For the rest of you, I hope you will buy a copy of this terrific book, maybe for you and one for the person who begged you not to send that note to that crush.  You can find it at your favorite local bookseller, or HERE.

In the meantime, I need your help.  My first digital cookbook is going to be released this coming October.  (SQUEE!)  It will be the collected recipes from the novels, plus the "lost recipes" of dishes mentioned in the books but not included in the limited recipe sections in the back.  I need a couple of things from my favorite readers:

1.  Please comment with the names of the dishes you most want included that you haven't seen recipes for as yet.  For example, the Mea Culpa Muffins from Good Enough to Eat will be making their first appearance.  This is a good opportunity to go back to the books for a refresher, or to use it as an excuse to pick up one you might have missed! (hint hint)

2.  I need a name for the cookbook.  At the moment we are referring to it as Stacey Ballis' Big EBook of Yummy Deliciousness, which, you know, is god freaking awful.  So I am looking for some titles with a similarly fun vibe, but less terribleness.  I will pick the top few choices and put them up for a vote, and the top two vote getters will receive a fun package of cooking gadgets.  If my editor picks any one of your titles for the actual book, not only will you get a signed copy of Out To Lunch, but I will use your name (or the name of your choosing) for a character in my next book. (to be clear, not in Recipe for Disaster, which is finished, but the NEXT one which I haven't started writing yet because of the cookbook thing).

So, comment below with recipes I need to include, AND possible cookbook titles between now and 11:59 PM Monday Feb. 24, and I will open voting on Feb. 25.

Thanks again to the fabulous Pamela Ribon for coming to visit and being so generous with the signed books!

Yours in Good Taste,
The Polymath


  1. In the Kitchen with Stacey
    The Polymath Recipes
    Extreme Makeover: Om nom nom Edition
    Everything You Wanted to Know How to Cook, But Were Afraid to Ask
    Eatin' Good in Stacey's Neighborhood
    Good Enough to Eat Off the Menu Out to Lunch

  2. Titles- Cooking Notes; Story Cooking; Good Enough to Cook

  3. Ebites: A Novel Approach to Cooking
    Ballicious Recipes (this one probably wouldn't fly, but I had to try)
    Novel Ebites

    1. The Notebook (of recipes)
      Include your Turkey Tetrazinni...not in the books...but the family favorite of your recipes by far. Stress REAL SHERRY!

  4. The Kitchen Olympics,
    Foods for Dudes,
    Bitchen Kitchen,
    Greetin, Meatin and Eatin,
    Fabulous Foods
    RIghteous Recipes
    Kitchen Anarchy

  5. Thanks so much Stacey! I am very excited to read Pamela's book…

    As for the title, I love how you always end your blog posts "Yours in Good Taste" it is sort of like your trademark. I think that would be a cool title :)

  6. For the Chickens in the Kitchen: The Polymath's Guide to Real Cooking with Creativity

  7. Fiction to Foodie: A collection of scrumptious recipes for any occasion by Author and Food Enthusiast Stacey Ballis

  8. Cooking Between the Lines: Recipes from and inspired by the novels of Stacey Ballis

  9. The Fennel, Golden Beets and Grapefruit salad that was mentioned during the dinner with Elliot but I didn't see the recipe in Jenna's Notebook.

  10. Two suggestions:
    Virtually Delicious
    Internet Cafe

  11. Ok, more thoughts:
    I made it and I ate it!
    Novel Cooking
    Read it and Eat it!

  12. Book Title: Yours in Good Taste (since you always sign your blogs with that line)

    Recipe you must include: Charming Suitor Gougères: I have it saved to my computer and have made them several times... seriously YUM!

  13. ooops. I see someone already posted my cookbook title. In that case, I give it a second vote!

  14. My suggestions:
    Recipes By the Book, from the novels of Stacey Ballis
    Food for Thought, recipes from the novels of Stacey Ballis
    Hot off the Press, recipes from the novels of Stacey Ballis
    Read It and Eat, recipes from the novels of Stacey Ballis
    Cooking the Books, recipes from the novels of Stacey Ballis
    The Book Plate, recipes from the novels of Stacey Ballis

  15. Sorry, I'm not trying to be anonymous, just can't get any of the other options to accept my screen name, which is denny144.