Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitchen Library Tour

It gives me tremendous pleasure to present to the world, our Kitchen Library.  While Charming Suitor and I both know that it will continue to change and develop as we use it, for the moment, we are really enjoying how it has changed our cooking and organization.  Monday will be the real test, as we are hosting our first Passover together, and will have fourteen family members around our table.  I think it is going to make all the difference.

Let the tour begin!

The view from the door....c'mon in!

Yep, that is our President on my apron.  And just enough wine glasses....

Le Creuset, Emile Henry, and cast iron galore. 
I love how the colors pop against the chocolate wall!

One of Charming Suitor's beautiful hutches. 
And can you see the gorgeous Japanese tea set in the middle on the right? 
Just got it from my five extra moms at my bridal tea that they hosted. 
My extra sisters gave me the amazing tea box that is sitting on top,
full of really special teas. 
My daily afternoon tea break just got REALLY FANCY!!!

Pots and pans and bakeware, oh my!

Can you say small appliances? 
The hole is where the rice cooker goes,
it was in use at the time of this photo.

Cookbooks at the ready for inspiration,
and the now-famous not-yet-patented shoe rack pot lid solution!

Found the perfect unobtrusive stepladder,
folds totally flat and the wood matches Charming Suitor's stools.
I wish there was a different way to say that. 
It sounds wrong.  But you know what I mean.

Charming Suitor's rolling cart zips right out the door if we need a kitchen island,
or serves as a great place for staging equipment. 
And I love this rug like it's my job.
 I think it makes the whole room feel so luxurious.

The final touch!  CS installed a new dimmer switch (he is very handy!) to create mood lighting,
and I surprised him with this Arts and Crafts switchplate, since that is his style. 
Hope the project is inspiring to you...there are a couple more features I will be highlighting in the future, especially a certain very special piece of art that we are very excited about.   But this is pretty much where we are at for now.

Coming soon...are we crazy enough to keep the momentum going and tackle the whole kitchen?  We just might be.

Yours in Good Taste,
The Polymath


  1. Looks amazing - so jealous - have a great time cooking, serving and enjoying your guests! Jill Fay

  2. Awesome! I love the chocolate walls - O might have to do that at some point!!

  3. Looks wonderful! I'm so jealous... Can I ask where you found the stepladder? It's just what I need to tuck away in my pantry so I can reach the high stuff.

  4. Found the stepladder on Amazon. Do a search on wood fold flat stepladders.

  5. I always envisioned the house of my dreams with a cozy "den" as well as a living room... and now I think I'll turn my imaginary den into a kitchen library :D. Love. It.

  6. It looks delightful! I'm so envious!

  7. I have pantry envy...panvy? You're right, the rug makes all the difference! Classy!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! It looks wonderful and makes me so jealous!!!!!!!!!

  9. Stacey - just a question - so what's in your kitchen cabinets now?? Everyday things? Or do you have everything in your kitchen library/pantry/hideaway? I have too much for my cabinets but not enough to devote to an entire room and cabinets... this might be just the excuse I need to buy buy buy more.

  10. Looks amazing! We are getting ready to redo all our closets in the kitchen /dining room as well as create one that utilizes dead garage space to make it easier to access small appliances. Your pictures gave me some ideas – thanks! I hope you & Charming have an amazing Passover!

  11. Super-packed with awesomeness. Good job, you two!

  12. Brilliant idea. If I could do without a washer and dryer, I would do this in my utility room.