Monday, June 21, 2010

Medium Rare Polymath

As I think I have mentioned before being a polymath may make me very smart, but it doesn't mean I'm not a moron.

Case in point:

A polymath knows that one should never leave the house without appropriate sunscreen on exposed body parts.

A polymath can tell you about SPF, and what it means, and the long-term effects of sun damage to your skin, as well as the benefits of certain amounts of sun.


This polymath will share that based on empirical research, one should not: 

Use last summer's spray sunscreen.

Be casual about coverage of old less-potent sunscreen.

Spend the four hottest hours of the day in a pool, where the now-degraded sunscreen can disappear from some, but not all of one's skin.

Choose to not bother to re-apply aforementioned useless sunscreen during the course of the day, assuming that the exposure might help to correct current Vitamin D deficiency.

Because if you do all of these things, you will, in fact, acquire a thoroughly uncomfortable sunburn on some but not all of your body.  The fronts of your legs will take on the blotchy mottled look of a partially cooked lobster, and the burned bits will invariably reside in the most painful locations.  Ditto your chest, which now looks a little bit like that pink camo pattern Juicy Couture made so popular a couple of seasons ago.  And your forearms will each get a strange bit of burn that look much like a map of the continents.  And if you are REALLY lucky, which of course I am, you will have one spot on your right arm which will look like someone painted two intersecting lines of pink that look like a large capital J.  SUPER.

Apart from the sad sunburn, and the lessons learned thereby, it was a fabulous weekend...including Charming Suitor and I playing a rousing game of Cranium with Little Sister and her own Charming Suitor, which was a close battle in which CS and I were ultimately victorious.

Note: do not try to hum George Michael's FAITH while simultaneously trying not to laugh and suppressing a wee bit of digestive pressure, or for sure you are going to accidentally break wind, and I am pretty sure that in the rules your opposing team gets an extra roll for flatulence.  Hypothetically.

Had a great Father's Day with Mom and Dad, he loved his new toy, my favorite travel charger from Chargepod, and my favorite furry nephew was delighted to hang out with us!

Hope you all had a great weekend and a happy Father's Day, I'll be back tomorrow with a new fun kitchen post!

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  1. I feel your sunburn pain! I'm very fair, almost translucent, and my mother would always tell me that the sun must do something to my intelligence that makes me forget to put on SPF. I'm 35 and the second someone even mentions sunburn she's off and running with the story of how after senior week of high school she had to take me to the dr. for my extreme sunburn. If I had known I'd be hearing about it for the next 20 years I would have worn anything to have avoided that burn!