Monday, March 20, 2017

Quick tour


Get ready, because I'm about to be back with a vengeance!  Not only have I finally finished edits on the new novel, but because the third floor suite is drywalled, primed, and about to be painted!  So here is a quick tour of the blank canvas spaces, in preparation for the discussions of color choices and design elements that will be coming at you in the weeks ahead!

Also, I have some reports from the 2017 Housewares Show with some really cool new gadgets, and an update on how the first year in the new kitchen went!

So just to wet your whistles...

This is the entrance to the Master Bedroom at the top of the stairs.

This will be a small cozy place for us to watch TV.

I always wanted a bedroom with a bright sunny reading nook...
the turret is going to be the perfect place to snuggle up with a great book!

This is where the bed will go.  I'm amazed at how bright it is up here, after 22 years sleeping on the first floor,
and another two in the basement, the idea of all of this light is just delightful!

This will be Charming Suitor's dressing room.

This will be my dressing room.  Yes, CS has noticed the discrepancy in size.  I blame the shoes.

The commode room.  

The Master Bath entrance.

CS and I each have a vanity nook.

This is where the bathtub will live.

The shower.

Laundry room and storage.

Utility closet.

Bathroom for CS's office.

CS's office/music room.
That's the tour!  Stay tuned, because we have made some bold and possibly surprising color choices with our friends at Sherwin-Williams, more about that soon.

Anyone want to hazard any guesses about what colors we might have chosen for some of these spaces?  Post your thoughts in the comments.

Yours in good taste,
The Polymath


  1. Definitely some teal/mint green like the cover of your next book. Maybe with hints of marigold? Or maybe am so desperate for spring to finally come to Chicago I can only think of those Spring Starbucks cups...

  2. looks amazing! I can't wait to see the "color" pictures... especially since there is going to be some bold choices... I am a huge fan of lively colors - my bedroom is red :)