Thursday, April 14, 2016

It Spins Me Right Round


Remember how I'm always telling you to make your lists of your need to haves, nice to haves, and would be like a little miracle to haves?  Well I'm here to report that miracles do happen.

You might also remember that I was fortunate enough to have an odometer birthday right when we were finalizing appliance selection, and Charming Suitor gifted me with my miracle item.

The La Cornue Flamberge Rotisserie was our major splurge for this kitchen.  A completely extraneous luxury, and would have been the first thing to get cut if we had needed to make cuts.  But boy am I glad we did it.

Our Cosentino and Stone Masters team clad the tower in the same Dekton as the countertops, to make sure that nothing flammable was in the way.  Our amazing contractors converted our old vintage freestanding butcher block to a fabulous rolling one with the help of some industrial casters, and an antique brass towel bar that poor CS had to strip 100 years of paint off of.  Install was a breeze, and we decided that for our first dinner in the new kitchen, we would make a chicken.


We decided for our first meal in the new kitchen, we would make a chicken.

Dancing chicken!

It comes with this porcelain tray to catch the can also cook veggies and things in it.
Oh my.

People?  I did not do anything special to make this chicken.  I did not brine or dry brine or make a rub or baste it.  I took it out of the fridge, tied the legs and wings down so they wouldn't burn, sprayed it with a bit of grapeseed oil and sprinkled with salt.  An hour later, this thing was done, skin fully rendered and crispy, meat so juicy that the breast meat was the same moistness as the dark meat.  It was one of the best chickens we have ever eaten, and the perfect way to christen the kitchen.

Since then we have done several more chickens and one leg of lamb.  Everything comes out perfectly, and it is the easiest thing in the world to use.  We had friends over for dinner on a weeknight, and it made our lives so easy, just pulled two chickens out and set them up right before they arrived, and by the time we had finished our cocktails and nibbles, they were done.  Our pals agreed it was one of the best chickens they had ever had.

One knob turns on the flame and adjusts the temp, the other turns the spits.  The front shifts out for larger items, so next on the agenda is a prime rib.  It can hold up to 12 pounds of meat at one time.  The spits and tray can all go into the dishwasher.  And since the wicks are made of ceramic fibers, they never need to be replaced!  As long as we keep it clean, this thing should be making us chickens and other delicious dinners for the rest of our lives.

And the bonus part?  Now that we have the magical Marvel fridge, there is actually room in the freezer for a stock pot scrap bag, so I've been saving all the carcasses of our lovely chickens and bits and bits of veggies so that I can make a big batch of store in the freezer!  You wouldn't think this would make me so excited, but it is the little things.

I'll keep you posted as we try more different foods in it.  I can't tell you how tempted I am to make a S'more...

More updates soon!

Yours in Good Taste,
The Polymath


  1. You had me at dishwasher!

    Also, it reminds me of the Peter Gabriel video. :)

  2. This is so cool. Total luxury but if I had the cash and didn't have little kids I'd go for it too. I hope the prime rib was every bit as delicious as that chicken looked.

  3. how hot does it make the space around it? does it heat up the kitchen?

    1. Our kitchen is large and very well ventilated, so while it does create some heat in front of it, it isn't killing the kitchen with heat. If you have a small kitchen, I would think it would heat the room a bit.