Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Day

One year ago today, I married my Charming Suitor, my best friend, my confidante, my muse, my partner in crime.

Are we not a bucket of adorable???
I recieved as a wedding gift an extra set of wonderful parents, a new sister and brother, and two incredible nieces, all of whom I could not love more if they were mine my birth instead of choice.  I got to watch my own family open to embrace and include my CS, and watch them all come to be family in such a seamless and effortless way that it makes my heart smile whenever we are together.

In the past year we have turned two households into one home, two groups of friends into one rollicking gaggle.  We have filled the year with amazing travel, laughter, and a love that really does, despite the cliche of it, grow stronger and deeper every day.  We have supported each other through some difficult and trying times, and celebrated milestones.  We have cooked together, for each other and for others, and frankly, everything really does taste better. 

So, on this very special day, I just wanted to say as out loud as I can, thank you to my extraordinary husband for the best year of my life, the best love of my life, the best life of my life.  I am the luckiest, happiest girl in the world.  Here's to year two.

With my whole heart,


  1. Happy anniversary Stacey!! I am so glad you and cs are so happy... love that picture of you guys

  2. It's your anniversary and WE get the gift ! I love that picture! Your life has turned into one of your books! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  3. Congratulations, Stacey and CS! Wishing you many many more anniversaries celebrated together.

    For the record, I *love* the site redesign. Makes me want to go cook something.

  4. It was so wonderful seeing you today and I'm so very happy that both of you found the person that dreams are made of! I have a feeling you'll be celebrating at least 75 more anniversaries together!

  5. God bless y'all. I thought of you last week when I was in Chicago; had I known how to get in touch, I would have. "I'm one of your blog readers...."

  6. Happy Anniversary Stacey!

    I've really enjoyed learning more about entertaining at home through your blog. Can't wait to read your new book.

    BTW, have you ever thought of writing a cookbook?