Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Book and Winners Announced

Hello Chickens!  Your Polymath has been very busy.  The most exciting news is that I have finally finished the edits on my new book, Off the Menu!  Wanna see the cover?  I know you do....


Seriously, I love this cover.  But more importantly, I love the book.  And I think you will too.  There will be some really fun upcoming contests and giveaways and all sorts of excitement connected to pre-orders, so if you decide to pre-order yours now from any online bookseller, SAVE YOUR CONFIRMATION RECEIPT, because you are going to need it.

In other fun, Charming Suitor and I headed to Jacksonville, FL for a little quality time with the whole Charming Family.  We got to have a double date with Charming Sister and Brother-in-Law, look at wedding pics and reminisce with the Rev and Mrs. Charming, got to cook a great family dinner (did we pull out that pork shoulder again?  you betcha!), and some serious giggle time with both the Charming Nieces.  Niece the Elder is away at school, but we had no intention of missing an opportunity to be with her, so we flew her in to surprise everyone....worth the price of the ticket just to watch the reactions when she walked in the door!  And it gave us some time to try and convince Niece the Younger to choose Chicago for college.  She may be afraid of cold, but we have put a major bribery campaign into play, and are not giving up.   We believe if we get her for four years, we'll have her forever.

Jacksonville provided great entertainment, including a diner so good we went twice  

Really?  Twice in one weekend?  Well, when Charming Suitor ordered this, there was no question.

Fried Chicken and Waffles.  With Strawberry Butter.  And their sweet and spicy sauce, which is just maple syrup with Louisiana hot sauce mixed in.  I had a patty melt with a side of black beans, and we decided to go back for breakfast, which also didn't disappoint.

Jacksonville also has my favorite church I have ever seen.

I call it the Church of Barry Gibb.  And here is why.

Everytime we drive by CS starts singing "Stayin' Alive".  Which always makes me hysterical.  If I could photoshop a white suit up there for you, I totally would, but I am lucky I could figure out how to take this picture with my phone.

At any rate, it was a truly wonderful trip, really nice to just hang out with the family without events or occasions to deal with.  And they indoctrinated me into the family game Aggravation, and while the Nieces were BRUTAL, I did okay.

And Louisville won their March Madness game over Florida, so there was much rejoicing.

And now, for the winners of the LoveBeets swag:

Winner of the T-Shirt and coupon is:
Jen for her Beet Chips recipe
Winners of coupons are:
The Beer Family
Julie the Wife
Suzanne Anderson
Unknown (Beet Roesti)
Unemployed Diva

Shoot me your mailing addresses at staceyballisinfo (at) gmail (dot) com and I will get your prizes out to you!

Yours in Good Taste,
The Polymath


  1. I feel like such a winner! Thanks! Love the new cover, you had me at polka dots but I stayed for the cupcakes. Congrats!

  2. Schweeet, I'm a winner!! ;) Diggin' the cover of your new book. ;)

  3. Stacey,

    I'll be pre-ordering from a local I won't get an online confirmation or anything. Am I still eligible for the pre-order contests? if not, I understand, just thought I'd ask!


    1. Just save your reciept! You'll be able to either mail me a photocopy or e-mail me a scan for the contests. There will also be ways of entering that require no purchase at all.

  4. Thank you Stacey! We love using beets in salad, so that coupon is going to come in handy!

    And I love the cover.....especially the doggie.....for that alone it's going on my TBR list.

  5. Stacey - I love the cover... especially the dog at the bottom. I can't wait to read it!!!

  6. Just pre-ordered MY book---will pre order more of course if needed. SO thrilled about this new book, the cover is darling :)