Monday, November 1, 2010

Gym Etiquette: The Movie

Since my posts lately have been a little on the serious side, I thought I would start your week with something lighter.

Friday night I did a local event with three of my favorite funny gals, Jen Lancaster, Wendy McClure and Claire Zulkey.  It was our fourth annual Witty Women night, and it was hilarious.  I read an expanded piece on Gym Etiquette that went over well, so I thought I would share it with you in a little animated movie.

Note:  This piece is R-Rated.  Be careful listening at work or with children in the vacinity. 

Reverend Charming?  Please skip this particular piece, I appreciate so much your support of my work but I am fairly certain that this one is not your cup of tea.

Yours in Less than Good Taste,
The Polymath


  1. That was hilarious!
    I'm even more sorry now that I missed out on seeing both you and Jen on Friday.

  2. my favorite part might be a Gy-NO-Cologist.

  3. You saved the best for last: chorus line of crotchettes! Thank you for the visual and the great laugh!

  4. That's fantastic! Thank you for posting it. I don't usually watch videos at work but I was compelled to watch that one and I'm so thrilled that I did. I did refrain from laughing out loud so I will put that down as skill building for the day.

  5. Thank you for this - brilliant and hilarious.

  6. LOVE! Thank YOU for voicing what we're all thinking.
    May I get this in print so I can post at my personal sweat factory?

  7. I laughed so hard I pee'd a lil' bit.

  8. Roast beef curtains? Hysterical.....