Monday, August 16, 2010

And the Lord Said...

I dunno about you, but I'm slightly concerned about the weather.

I was out at The Farm on my own Friday night, and the cicadas were insanely loud.  This is the "country", so country type noises are not unusual, and shouldn't really be noted.

Except it is not their year.

You know, those "every 17 years like clockwork" insects are all like "Look at me!  I'm here now, wings akimbo."

Then the skies opened up and the rain was CRAZY.  I mean, someone build an ARK crazy.  Which helped to not hear the cicadas, but made me start to think biblically.  First locusts, then rain.  What comes next?

FROGS.  Seriously.  And while it is the "country", and I am used to both frogs and toads in reasonably amphibious abundance due to pond and pool on the premises, in 35 years I have never seen a tree frog out there EVER.  This little guy was attached to the sliding glass door, and I can only assume he fell from the sky.

First locusts, then frogs. I'm starting to get a little bit worried....

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