Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cool travel gear, and you can win $4000!

So I've recently been focused on travel gear, for reasons that will reveal themselves in due course, and one of my favorite new finds is a travel vest by Scott E Vest Travel Appparel. A simple clean look on the outside, the vest has 22 pockets of various shapes, sizes and functions which hold essentially everything I would usually put in my carry-on bag, as well as their signature Personal Area Network, which allows you wire the vest with your iPod and other gear, even having special earbud pockets! Where oh where was this vest when I was trekking around the UK and living in Kenya??? The best part is that the weight management system means that no matter how much stuff I put into the thing, it never gets heavy or uncomfortable, and the design stays smooth and flat on the outside, so that no one knows you have eighteen pounds of gear hidden inside. Take that, pickpocketers!

At any rate, when you go to the site to buy your vest or jacket, because you know you want one, check out their hilarious new video contest. You could win 4K!

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